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The demand for quality leadership in all areas of life endeavor is increasingly evident in the public domain. So many organizations are simply folding up and some in a stunted growth because of the low quality of leadership that exists. Our world today is truly being hit so hard that the economy is experiencing great uncertainties and collapse in various nations.

Low governmental integrity, lack of performance, increase in corruption, withered cultural values, injustice, human right abuses, juvenile delinquencies, cultism, drug trafficking and all kinds of evil vices that have suddenly taken hold of the nations of the world can largely be traced to the absence of the fear of God. When the creator’s view are no longer respected and upheld, chaos, anarchy, acrimony and illegality will naturally have its way.

The outgoing generation might have tried their best, but their best has produced what we see today. The old must give way to the new. God is committed to creating new things. Every change is a product of the infusion of the new. Without the new there can be nothing called change. We are in the season of change. If the next generation must be preserved, there is need for drastic changes in the way we do things.

Policies have to change to accommodate the constant changes that we see even in the elements. Climate is changing, environment is changing, wind patterns and intensity of the sun is changing, the waters are rising beyond normal proportions and technology is improving at a faster rate. All these call for immediate responses.

The youths are no longer thinking development; rather they are thinking entertainment and sports. This is because; the older generation sees no need to invest in the ideas of the youths. This is changing because our ministry has been commissioned to raise a new breed of youths, leaders and entrepreneurs, by infusing into the youths the creators wisdom and power.

Therefore, a deliberate plan to equip young people and prepare them for leadership responsibilities in their different areas of life endeavor has become imperative.

This mandate of grooming today’s and tomorrow’s leaders is obviously our greatest need of the moment. Young people must learn how to create wealth through value creation which will promote a sense of investment into the future .The only way that can happen is when we provide them with access to information that will help them become better leaders and managers of the future.

If we don’t sustain an aggressive leadership development agenda now, then we will not be able to guarantee economic boom for the nations of the world in the nearest future.

Center for Creative Youth International is equipped with a vision that would bring about a renewal of minds at the cradle.

We have developed a series of leadership and youth development programs that are designed to meet the leadership needs of students and also reach other categories of young people who might not have formal education.

We believe that if we are consistent with this grooming initiative, in a few years to come, creative minds must have been positioned to become great leaders giving direction to a whole nation. We are very much excited to present to this generation our constitution, designed to give direction to our vision.


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