"The continent of Africa is presently undergoing a social-spiritual reformation that will culminate in the economic,political and cultural revival of our great continent.A new breed of youth leaders the world has never seen before are rising from this continent beginning with Nigeria as the trigger of maximum Impact.....the harvest of Africa has never been more ripe."


I am so excited to share the vision of the CCYI with you. It is my sincere believe that through this divine mandate, you and I would be able to free the African Youth from all forms of bondage.


The center for creative youth International is a non governmental, Multi-professional, non-denominational and multi-cultural youth organisation,with the singular purpose of initiating a mental revolution in the leadership culture amongs the youth of the thirdworld.

We hope to selflessly use ALL the resources available to us to ensure that this vision makes a mark in this generation.

We hold the key to the next generation and we do not hope to fail. We see youths with Integrity coming out of this great continent.

Reading will soon be a culture amongs the youth of the third world. It is our turn to take up the mantle of leadership. It is our time.


We do not seek recognition, all we seek is relevance.

We do not seek to have, but to serve.

We are not after politicians, but we are out to volunteer.

All we seek is a difference. Our individual difference is hoped will create a difference.

We are uncommon youths with an uncommon purpose.Our watch word is integrity-say it and mean it.